Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian Summer

This was almost the perfect weekend. The temps were in the mid 70's, even getting close to 80 today. It was sunny and clear with a slight breeze. The only reason it wasn't a perfect weekend was because Jon and I were hit with really bad colds. Enjoying this beautiful weekend took everything out of us. And we still couldn't enjoy it the way we would have wanted. We did do a few fun things. Saturday we went to Lake Farm Park for their Corn and Pumpkin Harvest. Kyla painted a pumpkin, we tasted apple cider and apple butter, and went through the 3 acre corn maze.

On Sunday Kyla had her first horseback riding lesson. It started out with a tour of the barn, stables, and the areas relating to horse care. The lesson ended with each student getting on the horse and walking a short distance and then dismounting the horse. Kyla was very nervous and scared - just like she is any time she tries something new - but she said she loved it. She started out very hesitant, but got into it really quickly.

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