Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catching up

It's been a few weeks since I posted. I usually post on Sundays. Two weeks ago was Halloween and then last Sunday we went to the Gaeta's house to watch the Brown's game. First Halloween. Kyla had asked if she could trick or treat with Maria. So we headed to their house for a cookout followed by trick or treating. The kids were excited from the very beginning.
We all ate and then the kids got into their costumes. Maria was a candy corn witch, Peter was Ironman, Kyla was Wordgirl. They were ready to go. They were able to start without coats, but luckily Jon brought them along, it got quite chilly after the sun went down.

Happy after a successful night
The following weekend we celebrated Jan's birthday. We went to Becky's Bistro for dinner and then came back to our house for cake. I made a chocolate layer cake with cream cheese frosting. The frosting was so good - even Jon couldn't stop sticking his finger in the bowl for "just one more taste".

Today (Thursday) Kyla is home with a fever. I hope she's able to go to school tomorrow. We have a pretty busy weekend ahead again. Art class on Saturday, horseback riding on Sunday and then the Adelman's for the Brown's game and chili.