Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chalk Festival @ CMA

We finally made it to the annual Chalk Festival at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was such a fun event. The featured artists were doing amazing work. I wish I would have taken pictures. I took plenty of Jon and Kyla working on their squares. Here are just a few.

We will definitely be attending this event again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monarch Magic

Yesterday we went to the North Chagrin reservation for the annual Monarch Magic event. It's full of crafts and fun things to do. Best of all, it's free. The Cleveland Metroparks always out on great events. Kyla loves them! She was able to redeem a colored picture of a monarch for a free pair of binoculars and a tootsie pop. She hasn't taken the binoculars off from around her neck - well, she did take them off at bedtime and before going to church this morning. Today was the first day of Sunday School and yiayia picked her up to take her. I know the real reason she like going - coffee hour after Sunday School is full of treats. My girl has a sweet tooth just like me, and she likes to get her fix!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had another great weekend. It started Friday with another night of successful pizza making. I really can't believe how easy it is! Saturday we went to the Great Lakes Science Center. We saw the IMAX movie Under the Sea.

Kyla was scared at first, they showed previews and she didn't like them, but once the movie started she settled down. After the movie we spent time in the science center. We got lucky and were able to see the Blue Angels from the deck of the GLSC. They are amazing! Our day ended with a trip to the West Side Market for some surprisingly good Dichotomy Popcorn (caramel and cheese) and dinner at Johnny Mango. On Sunday we had a cookout with our families. Kyla declared it "the best cookout of my entire life" - wow! It was alot of fun and papou and grandpa even got out and played soccer with the kids. I should have gotten the video camera out for that. Today is just a lazy kind of labor day. We had pancakes for breakfast and are having pad thai for dinner. In between, we'll be watching alot of the US Open.