Sunday, August 15, 2010


We're back from our vacation with the Mecchi's. It was an amazing week and we enjoyed every minute of it. Kyla and Lucia hit it off from the start. How could they not? They are mini's of me and Andrea. Here are highlights from the week:
- The beach - digging pools and body surfing
- Learning to make pizza
- Pete's Pad Thai and spring rolls
-Ocean City board walk amuzment park, all the kids getting air brushed tatoos. Kyla's was a panda bear
- Ocean City water park - great water slides
- Meeting Dan and Holly
- photo session in a wind storm
- Stone Harbor - ice cream and the girls getting their hair wrapped, we agreed before knowing exactly how much it was going to cost - Kyla's was almost $40, but so worth it. The girls couldn't contain themselves they were so happy afterwards
- meeting Jacob
- Jon being told he was the next Orlando Bloom
- playing poker with the boys
- Andrea's Europe story (the band not the country).
- Being so surprised that Kyla had no fear of the ocean - she learned to body surf, and that she loved the log ride at the amusment park

We're already planning to go back next year. This time with the addition of Joe and Donna and Dan and Holly. We should be able to get a really nice house on the bay side. Joe will bring his boat. It's going to be a blast!

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